April 19th, 2014
Cash Management Product and Services

Running your business just got easier. Our eBusiness Solutions product will help you access the financial service you need to handle your business.

For more detailed information, contact one of our Cash Management Specialists. In Fresno, Madera and Kern counties call 559-243-2391. For Santa Clara county call 408-341-1000. 

  • Self Administration/Multi-user assignments.
  • Real time account balances.
  • Detailed transaction histories.
  • View check images.
  • Schedule payments.
  • Transfer funds between accounts.
  • Wire transfer, both domestic and international.
  • Bill payment.
  • ACH (Automatic Clearing House) Origination.
  • Merchant Capture - Enrollment and qualification requirements apply.
Service Fee

Services Offered with eBusiness Solutions Products

Stop Pay

Stop Payments

Fees & Restrictions
Fee $10.00 each
Stop payment order effective for 6 months and will expire automatically

Stop payment orders on ACH (Automatic Clearing House) items are effective for a one time stop payment. Once item has been stopped, an additional stop payment request will be requird to stop the same ACH item from being presented for payment.


Transfer Between Accounts

Convenience; no trips to the bank necessary.

Fees & Restrictions
Service Fee No charge to transfer between accounts.
Restrictions None.



Enjoy the convenience of viewing your current statements and images online.

Fees & Restrictions
Service Fee No charge to view current statements.
Restrictions View past statements up to one year - images not available, need to contact your local branch.

Bill Pay

On-line Bill pay

Pay your on-going business expenses, such as utility bills, lease or rent payments, etc., alternative to using checks.

Fees & Restrictions
Service Fee No charge.
Restrictions None.

Loan Pay

Loan Payments

Convenience; no trips to the bank necessary.

Fees & Restrictions
Fee Free
Applies to Term Loans, Scheduled Payments and Principal Pay Downs only.



Outgoing Wires Domestic and International

Convenience, multi-user permissions. Pay from multiple bank accounts.

Fees & Restrictions
Domestic Fee $15.00 for each wire
International Fee
$40.00 for each wire
Restriction 1 pm deadline for both Domestic and International Wires.


ACH (Automatic Clearing House) Origination

This feature is a great way to pay your employees directly to their personal checking or savings account or pay vendors you do business with.

Fees & Restrictions
Set Up Fee $75.00 One time set up fee charged to a qualified business checking account.
Monthly Fee
Restriction Deadline for ACH transactions is 3 PM**

*Monthly fee covers first 50 Templates originated, additional Templates originated $0.25 each; $15.00 Per File for first 150 transactions, additional Files over 150 is $0.09 per transaction.
**Any ACH transactions submitted after this deadline, will be submitted the next business day. Service subject to qualification and approval.



Remote Merchant Capture

Is Remote Capture for you? Does your business have multiple locations? Need to make deposits after normal banking hours? Pay transportation costs to deliver deposits to the bank? Or receive checks with large dollar amounts? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then Remote Merchant Capture may benefit your company.

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Fees & Restrictions
Service Fees $50.00 Monthly Equipment rental fee per scanner
Restrictions  Service subject to qualifications and approval